Agence of Buzenval

The historical headquarter of Agence de l’Empereur is located in the district of Buzenval, 173 route de l’Empereur.

Ideally located between the place IENA, well-appreciated for its stores and restaurants, and the place Henri Regnault, Agence de l’Empereur is one of the oldest real estate agencies established in Buzenval, even at Rueil-Malmaison.

Renovated in 2011, Agence de l’Empereur is notable for its architecture of maisonnette and its offices organized around large verandas.

Agence de l’Empereur welcomes visitors from 9: 30 pm to 12 pm 30 and from 14 h 00 to 19 h 00, Tuesday to Saturday.

With several employees with more than ten years experiences in real estate in Rueil, the Agency of the Emperor is a privileged partner for all projects: estimation, sale, rental, life, investment etc.

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