Rental management

Goals of the property management with Agence de l’Empereur

Completly release the property owner: no worry, no risk. Our objective is to assume the rental  proceedings of houses and apartments on the long term.

What worries?

Water damage of upstairs neighbour, leakages in the bathroom, so many housing problems even when everything seems to be alright, Murphy’s law reminds us that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and every problems can happen in the same time when the owner is too far and too busy to solve it.
Your Agency is the go-between for the lessee and the owner. It sends professionals to fix the problem for a negotiated price, determines and convinces who has to pay.

Which risks?

Nowadays, lessees stay for a shorter time, the risk of period notice right reduced to 1 month in many case could get the owner to miss a rent.
The role of the Agency is to avoid to get an empty property. Moreover, falsified documents sent by the lessees candidates are very spread nowadays. The Agency has to scrutinize the applications and to detect fake employers, fake payrolls or other tricks.
Finally, with the one month of rent limited guarantee deposits, it is sometimes difficult to be protect from damages causes by the lessees when they leave. Once again, the Agency looks after it and propose some insurances and guarantees.

What legal procedures?

Inventory of fixtures, calculation of property tax revenues for the report, receipts, new diagnostic compulsory for rent, many mandatory formalities which may concern a homeowner, expatriate or Provincial resident. The property management represent a guarantee to be in good standing and peace of mind and allow you to enjoy insurance in case of unpaid rent!

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