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New real estate program

The Agence de l’Empereur is the partner of new quality real estate projects.

Most of the buildings in the neighborhood Buzenval, Saint Cucufa and in the downtown of Rueil-Malmaison, are old houses and old apartments. Though, that City is also famous for the development of new real estate built with a strict respect of energy saving and local planning standards.

The Agence de l’Empereur uses to be nominated by property developers to sell the new real properties during the building period.
New real estate ongoing

The “Villa des Tribunes” (program not avalaible)

“Villa des Tribunes” is a new real estate project of 8 buildings in Rueil Malmaison, managed by Pourpre Invest (Cardinal group). This project certify the French low-energy house standards. All houses got specific benefits : garden, terrace, garage, car park, many bathrooms etc.

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