Buzenval District

Buzenval is one of the biggest district of Rueil-Malmaison, located at the opposite of the station, on the road : Station / Downtown / Buzenval and surrounded by the cities of Garches, St. Cloud and Suresnes.

Buzenval is historically known for having been the main theater of the great battles of siege of Paris in 1870

Buzenval is also known for its castle having belonged to Empress Josephine, in addition to the castle of La Malmaison. The Chateau de Buzenval now belongs to the private school Passy Buzenval, one of the well known school of the district with public schools Jules Verne and Richelieu ( see here the exhaustive list of Rueil schools ).
Among its parks and monuments, we can notice in Buzenval a beautiful monument to the dead, which overlooks Rueil, not far the Church of St. Joseph.

In recent years, the district has been renovated to become a true center of life, with shops and restaurants along cobblestone streets

Agence de l’Empereur has its headquarter in the heart of the district Buzenval in Rueil Malmaison since 1985.