Our agency commitments

The commitments of our estate agency Rueil

1 – Advise

– Make durable your investments in Rueil Malmaison
– Calculate the added value of the selling or the rental of your primary or secondary residence
– Inform your of market trends for each disctrict like Buzenval, down-town
– Maximise the potential of extentions of your property, in accordance with the legal zoning of Rueil Malmaison.

2 – Estimate

– Adapt experience of our agency for the rental and sale of houses and apartments in Rueil to give the finest estimation possible.
– Identify the best way to prepare the property for sale: see more about home staging)
– Provide documents and regularly update in accordance with market changes

3 – Serve

– Establish a mandate adapted to stragegies: exclusivity etc. Note that if you want to sell your property by yourself or with several agencies, you can try first an exclusive mandate for three months. A property presented with exclusively generates more interest from buyers.

4 – Sale

– Search and select buyers studing financing
– Establish sales documents
– Contact Notaries
– Follow with banks the loan acceptance
– Organize the final signing

5 – Finalize

– Transmit documents and keys the day of the signing