French rules for real estate purchasing

Steps of a clever buying

Time Line of major steps in your decision to buy a house or an apartment in Rueil

1 – The Good Visit

You want to visit a house or apartment in Rueil? Our real estate agency located in Rueil Malmaison Buzenval in the neighborhood, take care of this visit after you have to fill out a “Good Tour”. This small document is important. It ensures the seller of a house or apartment that the agency did visit his house or apartment to people clearly identified. This visit reflects the great efforts of the agency to visit the property for which a sales mandate entrusted. This visit proves good you know this property (house, apartment) with your real estate agency. So, if you are wearing purchaser, the agency may legitimately affect his fees. The profession of real estate agent is highly regulated and it is good to visit the first of several official documents that protect you throughout your buying cycle Rueil Malmaison.

2 – The Tender Offer

In this document, filled with the help of your agency, you suggest you to purchase the house or apartment you choose by specifying the modalities of financing this purchase real estate. With this document, your realtor Agency Emperor Rueil Malmaison will contact the seller and tell him of your offer. Often it differs from the original asking price by the seller. In this case, a negotiation phase can take place. Only your real estate agent will be the intermediary, that is why the commercial real estate agencies are commonly called real estate negotiators.

3 – Compromise or Promise of Sale

In general, the first contractual act is now signed with the notary but can also be the Agency Rueil, in the presence of all buyers and all persons listed on the title on the property you buy. However, your agency may establish or notary and sign of power to people who can not be present that day. Writing a compromise or promise to sell a lot of work to your real estate agent and notary related both to the need to gather required documents and the time of writing itself to these acts. Every compromise or promise is different and includes, besides the description of the property (house, apartment, land, apartment, room, etc.). Purchased, the identity of the parties, the suspensive clauses, etc … When you go signing A deposit check is requested the purchaser. This check is usually 5% of the amount of your purchase. This money is deposited by the agency into an escrow account. This means that your check will be charged, but nobody will use these funds. Only agencies who have made financial guarantee provided by Parliament are empowered to sign a compromise or a compromise in their local Rueil. Notaries are not necessarily based in Rueil, even if it is often convenient to buy a house or property by using a notary Rueil.

4 – Cooling Off Period

Starting the day after signing the agreement or promise of sale, the law gives you 11 days of withdrawal, without justification, provided, however, that signifies your cancellation by registered letter “return receipt requested to the agency Rueil, seven days before the postmark authentic. The agency of the Emperor you-lend the amounts of the receiver.

5 – The signing at the notary’s deed

The sale of the property for which you acquire may be subject to various conditions precedent, all mentioned in the compromise or promise to sell that you have signed the Agency to the Emperor in Rueil Malmaison or the notary . They may have various objects. When these clauses are removed, it is called clauses purged, if they can not prevent the completion of the sale of the house or apartment you wish to buy. Suspensive clause of obtaining loan: it is exercised within 45 to 60 days, depending on the circumstances and what was agreed at the time of signing the agreement or promise of sale. Many people use a mortgage and are notified that clause. It is possible to waive this clause either because you do not need to use a mortgage is because you want to make your case your home loan to beautify your financing with your vendors. Suspensive clause related to urban pre-emption: it is exercised within two months. It is mandatory for each property transfer made at Rueil Malmaison or in another city, whether it is a house, building, apartment, land, room, etc. . unless one of the parties or a town hall. The preemptive right is the right urban priority for the City of Rueil or otherwise acquire the property for which you acquire. Upon signing the agreement or promise of sale, agency or notary sent a DIA (Declaration of Intention to Dispose) the Planning Department of the City Hall where the property is subject to the sale. The mayor then has a period of two months to inform the parties if it is exercising its right of first refusal. If it has, the purchaser is evicted from the sale. However, if it does not exercise, or it does not send a response within the time allotted to him, the term is served. Suspension clause for obtaining building permits: it is raised in a period of approximately two months. Property (house, apartment, studio, local) are usually sold in the state, this type of clause is rarely considered. It is the purchasers of land in and around Rueil suggests that our agency to notify the suspensive clause for obtaining a building permit for a house or a building. This clause covers buyers who would be denied their application for a building permit from the Planning Department of the City of Rueil or elsewhere in enabling them to break the compromise or agreement of sale.

6 – The signing at the notary: The Authentic

On average, three months after the date of signing the agreement or promise of sale, the deed is signed at the notary of the purchaser, in the presence of the notary and the seller of the agency. That day, the entire sale price is paid to the seller and agency fees to it. The keys to your real estate purchase, your house or your apartment, you are given. To purchase real estate you must have subscribed to that date home insurance for your house or apartment that you have acquired.